About Hillman

From eight years on, we from Hillman create first class hunting apparel and
equipment. Thanks to our ongoing desire for excellence and innovation the
Hillman products stand out with individual style, quality and luxury.

In contrast to our competitors Hillman is not just producing clothes, we are
creating works of art, in which are invested many ideas, intellection, practical
functionality and convenience.

The carefully selected materials are the best that the market can offer, and
the newest technologies always find their place in our precisely engineered

Thanks to our skilled designers with more than 30 years of experience, now
everyone could distinguish the unique line, the faultless comfortable cut, the
sport silhouette and the expressive elegance of the Hillman clothing.

Now, when you feel warm, when other feel cold, when you feel cool the other
burst from heat, if you are feeling dry and the others are wet, means that you
have trusted us and we give our promise to continue delivering for you
unprecedented comfort, flawless quality and exclusivity.

   Ivan Kostadinov
                                                                                                      Hillman brand founder